Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can't talk on a cell phone with a horn in your ear.

Today I took one of my favorite BusMan routes. From home in the morning to a meeting in Century City (one bus, direct). Century City to my office (two buses, but only a total of 15 minutes). Office back home (nice walk from the bus stop at the end of the day).

I took the Wilshire bus home from the office. There is a lot of traffic on Wilshire at rush hour. Yet some drivers insist on coming out of their office driveway and turning left across all 6 lanes of traffic. It holds everybody up causing huge traffic jams. One person tried to do this in front of the bus I was on. On top of her driving rudeness, she was on the cell phone and not even paying attention to whether or not she had an opportunity to cross. The bus driver leaned on the horn so that the automobile driver could not have her cell phone conversation. So she had to get off the phone and drive off, finally freeing up traffic. I thought the whole incident was kind of funny.


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