Saturday, June 03, 2006

BusMan Goes to the Dodger Game

The last time I went to Dodger Stadium I spent 45 minutes in the parking lot after the game, waiting to get out. That was unusual, I admit; it usually takes only 20-30 minutes. Tonight I was going to the game alone, didn't want to fight Friday night traffic, and, since it was Ron Cey bobblehead night I figured it would be a full house. So I decided to take the bus.

After looking at the schedules, I decided to take different routes there and back. Going there I took the Third Street bus downtown, and then caught a Sunset bus to Elysian Park, the street where I normally turn off Sunset to get to Dodger Stadium. A ten minute walk got me to where I normally park, and then another ten minutes to the Stadium.

Going home I walked to the same bus stop, but took the #2 Sunset bus to Fairfax, and then a Fairfax bus to Beverly. Both the #2 and the #4 buses pass that stop. Because I had my choice of bus lines, I knew I would not have to wait more than 10 minutes when I got to Sunset and Elysian Park...assuming the game lasted less than 3 1/2 hours, which it did. The ride home took an hour and ten minutes, including my ten minute walk from Fairfax and Beverly to my house. I could well have still been in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium.

I admit to some bus anxiety as the game got into the later innings. Dodger reliever Danys Baez - Cuban defector - blew another lead. He pitched to five batters in the 7th inning and all five scored, turning a 5-3 Dodger lead into an 8-5 Dodger deficit. So instead of a quick 7th and 8th inning and then an exciting Eric Gagne close to the 9th, the game was stretching on. I knew the bus service would be stretched out to 20-30 minutes between buses if I missed the 11:19 p.m. bus, which meant I really had to leave the park by 10:55 to give myself time to walk. Since Friday night games start at 7:40 instead of the usual 7:10, it was getting close. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Dodgers were unable to mount a comeback, so I didn't have to chose between staying for extra innings or sitting around waiting for buses. Glad for that. I would certainly take the bus to the game again, but would prefer it for a day game or a 7:10 start time.


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