Sunday, July 16, 2006

Going to Long Beach

I went to Long Beach Friday night to visit a friend. Long Beach is a pretty happening place as it turns out. Lots of people on the street, restaurants, a downtown scene. I liked it. I would not have liked it had I driven.

I parked my car at the lot near Hollywood and Vine, right across the street from the Pantages Theater. Four dollars for unlimited parking. I hopped on the Red Line Subway, took it downtown to the Blue Line, and rode the Blue Line all the way to downtown Long Beach. It was great! Fast and comfortable. Total trip took me one hour and ten minutes. I don't think I could have driven as quickly, especially in Friday afternoon traffic. The way home was equally as easy. I did not have to wait more than ten minutes for any train. I was able to have a beer with dinner because I knew I did not have to drive.

The only down side was both ways there were portions of the ride with some rowdy teenagers. I never felt threatened, just annoyed. The loud talking and jumping around lasted a few stops, then they got off, once prompted by MTA Security. I guess that's one reason why people are resistant to riding public transportation, the contact you sometimes have with rude people. But really, I experience far more rude drivers than rude passengers. In all the time I've been riding public transportation I have had less than 5 incidents where people were too loud or rude. I have never felt threatened.


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