Saturday, August 05, 2006

Two Bad, Two Good; NextBus

Had a couple of bad BusMan/BusKid experiences last week. Both caused by late buses. That's a bad thing about taking the bus, if a bus is late. Then you can be late to where you're going, miss connections and be even's a drag. Fortunately does not happen very often. I wrote MTA to encourage them to get the NextBus system. I first saw NextBus in the Bay Area. It's a GPS-based system. You can call from your cell phone and find out when the next bus is due to arrive. It would be very helpful in deciding which route to take, especially here in LA where there are often multiple bus routes you can take to get to a destination.

The good BusMan experiences were a very quick and easy home-gym-work-home day, and a friend took the Santa Monica Blue Bus from his home in Westwood to a meeting in Santa Monica and back. A convert. Go BusPeople!


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