Saturday, February 17, 2007

Going Downtown

It is completely beyond me why anyone would choose to commute by car to Downtown L.A. I had to report for jury duty two days this week. I walked half a block to the Beverly bus, took 5 miles or so to the Red Line subway on Vermont, then took the subway to within 3 blocks of my destination Downtown. Total time was maybe ten minutes longer than if I had driven; that includes waiting for the bus and train, and walking time. Total cost: $3 per day. No parking, no traffic, no hassle.

It was so relaxing. I have not been riding the bus much lately because of the types of trips I have had to make. I had begun to forget how simple, easy, and relaxing it is. I hate driving. I hate looking around me stuck on the road, realizing how stupid and inefficient it is to move around the city one-person-per-car. Such a large "footprint" for a single vehicle to move one person from place to place. Insane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But there are benefits to driving too. For example, you can talk with your brother.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Glen Janken said...

I can talk with my brother on the bus, too. I can call him and say, "I'm on the bus." Ha ha (inside joke). But you are right, since I do not approve of casual cell phone use on public transit (rude, annoying), I do lose cell phone time when I take the bus. I can TXT message, though, which I can't do while driving.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous alison said...

I got to use the Coaster commuter train when I had jury duty when i was still living down in San Diego. Instead of having to sit in a car for what would have been a minimum of 45 minutes each way (and I was on a 4-week trial), I took the train right along the water each day and got hooked on doing the daily crossword puzzle. I actually LIKED the experience of jury duty!

9:36 AM  

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