Sunday, January 25, 2009

JFK - Look Before You Leap

Visiting my daughter last week, I decided to take public transportation to the airport home, rather than hire a taxi or a car. Looking on the NYC transit web site, it was only an hour ride from her Bushwick apartment, the L train to the B15 bus at New Lots. Ah, but where is New Lots? I had no idea and didn't think to look or ask until I was already on the L train early the next morning. Turns out that as I was getting onto the bus, there is only one white guy on the bus, an older white guy with a big ol' suitcase blocking the! Hmmm. A little uncomfortable. I did not find it threatening or fearful, I just felt like a jerk adding another obstacle to these folks just trying to get to and fro in their lives. I had looked at a map, and it did not look like a long ride between New Lots and JFK airport. And I figured it was going away from the city, so would have less rush hour morning traffic. Wrong! The bus was packed and it was a 30+ minute ride. And buses really aren't made for suitcases, big or small. It would have been smarter to take the L train to the A train and pay an extra $5 to catch the AirTrain which connects directly from the A to JFK. Next time I'll know.


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